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Strictly for off-road use only. All Subarugears products are not designed for on-road use. They are purchased and fitted to your vehicle at your own risk, for off-road use only. There is no expressed or implied design specification or approval for these products to be used in a vehicle and their use is strictly at your own risk.

We warrant our products against defects in manufacturing or materials for 12 months from date of purchase. Warranty covers the repair or replacement only and does not extend to any affected products, vehicles, shipping or out-of-pocket expenses.


By agreeing to our terms and conditions on purchase, the customer agrees that they have read the INFO CENTRE pages : and installed the correct length axles and CV joints with clearance to the transmission under all suspension conditions.

The customer has read the ESSENTIAL information regarding axles and shoulders/clips in the FAQ section : and installed as required.

The customer has watched the assembly video at in order to correctly assemble their transmission.

The customer has read the ESSENTIAL information on what parts are required to complete their conversion :